We are a couple who fell in love with photography, as well as each other.

Until I became a photographer, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. I always enjoyed documenting the lives of my friends, their friends and families.
When others began asking me to capture the reality of their lives, I began……


I was fascinated with photography from the youngest age. I won a photography contest in Kórnik at the age of 12. I never thought that I could be making a living from Photography. I thought, that would be to beautiful. But my dream came true. Photography is my profession. Every time I think about it, it brings a smile on my face. I’m very lucky. 🙂


There is no studio. All our pictures are shot on location at your favorite place or your home.
We feel that studio shoots often feel staged and unnatural, especially when it comes to children, where most feel intimidated and nervous in new surroundings. Being in a place they recognize and love allows them to freely express themselves and act as if the camera wasn’t there.
You get to choose your favorite spot, whether it’s a playground, a park or your home. We will have fun, play around and get to know each other; that will allow us to honestly portray who and how you or your children are….in pictures.

Photography is something we love and find ourselves wanting to do all the time. We look forward to documenting the humor, joy, tears, and excitement of your special day.

So now leave your thoughts of your stressful life. We’re going to have a GOOD TIME!

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