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Amazon payments account suspended

Jiren Barla

amazon payments account suspended › Sell on Amazon › Seller Verification. Chat with an Account Suspension expert today and learn why your account was suspended. When suspension happens, make sure you immediately reach out to Amazon customer service via phone call or email. When this happens, they put a temporary hold on the seller's funds in their Amazon Payments account. At the same time, they also ask for the following information, which you need to comply with. amazon payments account suspended Facts Keep it simple and address only the elements of the suspension and why you should be reinstated. I have terrible phone anxiety, but I would have called as a very last resort. The tax information interview collects the information needed to amazon payments account suspended an IRS tax form e. For Workers eligible for amazon payments account suspended U. Do I have to consent to provide an electronic signature? How do I schedule transfers to my bank account? For a successful appeal, sellers have to show Amazon that they clearly understand why they were suspended, and that they have a plan for resolving the issue and improving their selling practices.

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