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Embed youtube video html without iframe

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embed youtube video html without iframe

Solved: Hello friends, I have recently made a video to promote our free web application I uploaded the MP4 file to You-tube and copied the embed code. class="youtube-player" type="text/html" allowscriptaccess="always". The easiest way to play videos in HTML, is to use YouTube. height="" src="​">. Try it Yourself». In order to play (embed) YouTube Videos without using IFRAME, the EMBED element needs to be used as the HTML5 Video tag is not meant to.

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Add video to webpages with Video \u0026 iFrame elements Use our demo to set your own responsive youtube video playlist and get installation HTML code. If HTML5 is enabled, it will be used. A unique demo for quick creation of the widget for your website. Share this post. AS3 object embeds Object embeds use an tag to specify the player's dimensions embed youtube video html without iframe parameters. Embed YouTube video and channel on your website without iFrame A quick instruction by our team on setup and personalization of the widget without knowledge in programming. embed youtube video html without iframe

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