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Area code and phone number usa

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area code and phone number usa

The cities listed with each area code are the major cities for that area code; this I do not have anything to do with phone companies etc; I do research in computer , FL, -5, Florida: Broward County area, incl Ft. Lauderdale (overlaid on ; perm 8/1/01, mand 9/1/01) US toll calls -- prices vary with the number called. Locator for telephone area codes in the USA, Canada and some Caribbean Islands Telephone Area Codes - locator and complete guide for North America All telephone numbers within the NANP have the same dialing format (3 digit area to another is just like placing a US state to state phone call (1 + xxx + xxx xxxx). Calling the United States from Canada explained: 1 - North American long distance prefix; area code - 3 digit area codes; local phone number - 7 digits; Canada to.

Area code and phone number usa -

Area codes and are reserved for special telecommunications services and receive little usage. In , area code was created as the first "overlay" area code. While several US markets are still not required to implement number pooling and Canada has no number pooling, the effects dramatically slowed the need to allocate new prefixes and new area codes because of increased utilization. The first digit did not allow a zero could be confused with the operator or a 1 techical reasons. Although local calls from one area code into another require dialing 10 digits, the local calling range usually does not change. Cut down on cost Why incur more charges with only international toll-free phone numbers? Many telephone numbers are now used for fax machines, cell phones or wireless phones, or internet connections so one person may actually need multiple phone lines.

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