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Central america and caribbean map

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central america and caribbean map

Kids learn about the geography of the countries of Central America and the Caribbean. Facts such as flags, maps, exports, natural resouces, and languages. Jul 1, - Map of Latin America, Central America: Cuba, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize Latin America and Caribbean Region. Elevation steadily increases west of the Caribbean lowlands, until, toward the Pacific Coast, plateau highlands culminate in mountain ridges and some 40 volcanic.

: Central america and caribbean map

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Central america and caribbean map 726
Central america and caribbean map The Central American forests are relatively sparsely populated with mammals, generously populated with reptiles, and extremely rich in birds and insects. Bananas, coffee, and cacao are the chief crops of Central America, and gold and silver are mined there. Easy unsubscribe links are provided in every email. At its narrowest point the isthmus is only about 30 miles 50 km wide, and there is no location in Central America that is more distant than miles km from the sea. Three-fifths of the people of Central America are of mixed European and Indian descent called Ladinos in Guatemala and mestizos elsewhereand central america and caribbean map are Indian. Leeward Islands - are the northern part of the Lesser Antilles.
I M THE SHADOW OF THE MOON Growing diversification in the economies of central america and caribbean map region, however, has not provided a more central america and caribbean map distribution of wealth. The islands now consist of a number of independent states and British, French, Dutch, and US dependencies. Note: Central America is geographically part of North America. Spanish is the dominant language of Central America and the official language in six of the countries; English is the lingua franca of much of the Caribbean coast and the official language of Belize. Though agriculture is still the largest employer, more technical positions are being produced as the industrial and service sectors develop.
Agriculture still employs a larger proportion of workers than any other sector—except in Panama, where services, largely related to the Panama Canalare of major economic importance. Click on a country name on the map to get to the respective country profile, or use the links below. Subdivisions of the Caribbean: [show] The West Indies are a chain of islands that extends from central america and caribbean map Florida peninsula to the coast of Venezuela and lies between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Humid swamps and lowlands extend along both the west and east coasts, but four-fifths of Central America is either hilly or mountainous. This extensive form of cultivation has become less sustainable as central america and caribbean map periods are shortened in response to rising demographic pressures and as the forest soils lose their ability to recuperate. Load Next Page Inspire your inbox — Sign up for daily fun facts about this day in history, updates, and special offers. Central America consists of seven countries and sometimes part of an eighthbut this quiz includes only two questions. central america and caribbean map

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