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Who is the murderer of the westing game

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who is the murderer of the westing game

Sam Westing is not actually dead, so there is no murderer in the Westing Game. Westing himself has devised the contest and included several business. nephews. The Westing Game. What else does Sam Wexler declare in his will? That he was murdered. The Westing Game. Why can't an autopsy be performed? › who-was-the-killer-in-the-westing-game. who is the murderer of the westing game For a moment, this seems like a classic, Christie-esque murder-mystery move: making the inciting death a jumping-off-point and excuse for puzzle-solving rather than a mournful or tragic event. He dies of old age, with Turtle by his side. Eastman, Windy Windkloppel as discovered at the end of the story in Sunset Towers. She excels at playing the stock market. This means that Samuel faked his own death and took disguise as three other people.

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